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Our core business is web design. We work to current W3C international guideleines for HTML to produce attractive, durable websites that have the broadest possible compatibility with modern browsers. Typically we test against five browsers on three operating systems before releasing any of our sites into the wild!

Our sites are flexible and can be delivered to a range of platforms including mobile devices and the printed page.

Most of our sites are designed and built entirely by us, but we also offer a code testing and verification/correction service to other design houses. Please contact us if you are interested in this service.

Below are some of our most recent projects, you can browse some of the others by category in the website design menu, or view an archive of our websites from the last 15 years in the endorsements section.

Recent websites

Screenshot of the mobile version of the George and Dragon website.

The George and Dragon, 2021

The The George and Dragon is one of Lancaster's oldest pubs, and offers visitors and locals a friendly atmosphere and fine ales!

The design puts the main offers on a single page, with a simple top menu jumping to the relevant sections of that page. Pretty much all of the page content - banners, text, beers are customisable, and driven by an extensive (but easy to use) administration section. The public page content is marked up with 'rich results, providing meta-data to improve search engine performance.

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Screenshot of the mobile version of the TFI Network website.

TFI Network, 2021

The TFI Network aims to assist the foundation industries (glass, cement, ceramics, bulk chemicals, paper ...) to remain competitive whilst simultaneously facing challenges from environmental legislation and the drive towards net-zero carbon 2050.

The website includes a membership area where researchers can submit grant applications. The administration section is extended to facilitate application management by the network administrators.

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Screenshot of the mobile version of the BioMedEng Association website.

BioMedEng Association, 2021

The BioMedEng Association was founded in 2008. It represents academics from over 20 UK universities and institutes working in multidisciplinary programmes that use engineering tools and techniques to solve problems arising from biology and medicine.

The website is based on our 'off the peg' model, but introduces dedicated conference hosting and management facilities for the first time...

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Screenshot of the mobile version of the Society for Natural Sciences website.

Society for Natural Sciences, 2020

The Society for Natural Sciences (SNS) is a professional body for scientists, educators and students working across the discipline boundaries of science. It offers an accredited degree programme, seminars and conferences to its student and academic membership.

Our blog post introuces some of the security policies adopted for society websites to protect member's data:

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Screenshot of the mobile version of the UKSB website.

UK Society for Biomaterials (UKSB), 2019

The UK Society for Biomaterials (UKSB) is a non-profit organization working to develop novel biomaterials to tackle current clinical needs for medical devices, prosthetics and for regenerative medicine. Their membership interests include medical materials science, biosensors, biomechanics, biocompatibility, tissue engineering, and many other subjects.

The site home page introduces the society and showcases its online presence on the Twitter platform.

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Biohazard icon.

On-line Safety System (OSS), 2019

Developed with the School of Medicine at the University of Sheffield; the Online-Safety System provides a gateway to safety management for members of the School. It includes CoSHH, which has been adapted to make it more relevant for biological agents. There is also an on-line substance safety data catalogue, and the Standard Operating Procedures library. The Risk Assessments system (STAR), developed for the University, is linked from within OSS.

More information on the On-line Safety System.


online Safety Audit icon.

Online Safety Audit, 2019

Developed with Health and Safety at the University of Sheffield, the online safety audit system provides a uniform evaluation procedure for safety across the University. The system is based on a large set of standard questionnaires targeted at different aspects of the management of health and safety issues within each constituent school and department within the University.

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We have been working in web-design for more than 20 years, and trading as CookandKaye since August 2003. You can view a (nearly) complete archive of our work in our Web Archive.

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