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Removing Cookies

notes on what cookies are, and how to stop them tracking you or your browser.

Before you start: be aware that ‘Cookies’ are used by sites to ‘remember’ you, so you do not have to login on every visit. Clearing cookies will oblige you to login to the associated sites again. Most browsers allow you to select which site’s cookies you remove, others may offer the option to retain Cookies generated by the major Social Media sites (though these Cookies may be the most invasive of your privacy...).

There is quite a lot here - click on any heading you would like to read more about...

[+] What is a Cookie, and why should you care?

[+] Cookies and personal information

[+] Types of Cookie

Managing and removing Cookies

These notes have been compiled based on tests with a small number of browsers and operating systems. If you find that they are no-longer correct, or that we are missing a combination, do let us know by clicking the associated ‘comment’ link (this will go to an email form with the appropriate subject line completed), and we will try to update our notes.

Removing Cookies from desktop browsers

[+] Remove Cookies in Chrome

[+] Remove Cookies in Firefox

[+] Remove Cookies in Internet Explorer

[+] Remove Cookies in Microsoft Edge

[+] Remove Cookies in Opera

Removing Cookies from mobile devices

[+] Remove Cookies in Android/Chrome (mobile)

[+] Remove Cookies in iOS Safari (mobile, v5.1.1)

If you cannot find the assistance you need here, and don't want to contact us, most browsers will provide notes on how to manage Cookies in their Help menu.