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A website is an ideal place to advertise your conference, and provide the support that delegates will need, from travel directions through to registration and abstract submission forms.

Conference sites are generally quite ephemeral - only our more recent sites are recorded here:

Conference websites

UK Semiconductors 2012

The UK Semiconductors conference is an annual conference on all aspects of semiconductor research.

The requirement was for a simple site that was required quickly, but could be easily updated in future by the conference team for each subsequent annual conference.

The site is built in WordPress, with custom calendar to present important conference dates on all pages, and an exhibitors marquee, offering links through to sponsor's websites.

The site design is based on the standard WordPress theme, and offers some flexibility, with elements being re-ordered on the narrow screens of smart-phones to make it more easily viewed.


The High Polymer website screenshot on a smart phone in 2019.

The High Polymer Research Group, 2016

The High Polymer Research Group runs one of the most prestigious international polymer conferences. Established in 1960, with its first conference in 1961, the group has held annual conferences ever since that date.

We took on the site in 2007, replacing an earlier website that was unusable if you did not run Internet Explorer (a browser that is no-longer supported). The new site featured online payments (using PayPal), and has an archive of previous programmes (by tradition, no formal minutes are kept for High Polymer Research Group meetings). The most recent update in 2016 saw the introduction of a more mobile friendly design (shown above left), and secure certificates for safer browsing.



Confined polymer films (September 8-12, 2008, Sheffield) is an international conference covering thin polymer films including polymer crystallisation, polymer brushes, glass transition, soft nanotechnology.

This site was built using the existing PolyFilm site template, which has a separate menu which floats to the right of the main page. The re-use of design elements reduced build costs, and ensured the conference site is in keeping with the rest of the website.

The page background is taken from an Electron micrograph of a confined polymer film surface, while the EC Framework 6 logo is enclosed in an image of the same film peeling (or 'dewetting') from a substrate.



IKUWA3: The Third International Congress on Underwater Archaeology (IKUWA3 10th July to 12th July 2008). A large number of project partners came together to organise and run this conference - the largest conference on underwater archaeology ever held in Britain. Additional events included a 3-day Professional Development Field School, and optional excursions.

This site was built with multilingual support - though only the index page was eventually translated into German and French.

To provide background for IKUWA4 and subsequent conferences, the site has been rebuilt within the NAS domain.


New directions in complex molecule delivery

New directions in complex molecule delivery (November 28th 2007) was a one day conference run by the Formulations Science and Technology Group and the Sheffield Polymer Centre.

As part of the site design we developed an animated banner depicting the changes occurring in molecule delivery systems, from simple tablet formulations, to modern liposomal nano-delivery packages.


PNG - 18th International Conference

Functional and biological gels and networks: theory and experiment (3rd to 7th September 2006, Sheffield) - the 18th international conference of the Polymer Networks Group.

The site includes all of the usual stuff for a conference - programme, about, means to submit abstracts and so on. It's design encorporates graphics provided by members of the organising committee.


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